Wood Laminate Flooring Installation - Hicksville, OhioFRESH LOOK!  I install all types of floor covering for a competitive rate.  I can either remove and reuse your existing baseboard, or install brand new solid pine for a bit more.  This is a wood laminate flooring (natural oak) that the homeowner picked up on clearance for only 68 cents per square foot!  That’s an incredibly low price, as most laminate runs at least a buck!  It can be installed over most surfaces, including this cement (provided there is a moisture barrier).  In this case, I installed in a front living room, and right on into the dining room (zero transitions).  We decided not to remove the existing baseboard for fear of cracking and splintering, so I installed a new primed white base shoe (quarter round) to cover the required 1/4″ gap at the walls.  This flooring is inexpensive, yet it provides a fresh new look for any room in your home and is super durable (30 year limited warranty)!  These two rooms took about a day and a half, so it’s quick and painless!  Give me a shout for details about YOUR floor covering!  419-212-3200