This is the Mel’s Collectibles store in Stryker (great place for tons of awesome Bears stuff, I must say).  We were asked to replace the old, drafty windows in the upstairs apartment, as well as the old, rotten wood siding around them.  In the process, we framed for a slightly larger window (36″x48″ from Crestline – about $119 – double pane, single hung, low-e, argon) to let in some extra light.  The siding is Cedar Creek khaki (from Menards for about $47/square), which is a low end brand, but achieves its purpose of being maintenance-free while looking great.  In addition, we had a little interior trim work to do from creating the larger opening.  To top it off, we caulked around the edges with a high-quality, clear ProCell caulk.  Great improvement!