Polaris Window Installation & Custom TrimThis particular job was a little more in-depth than I had hoped.  In addition to a normal replacement window, I was planning on removing this picture and side-by-side unit(s) and simply inserting a large double window into the void.  This task was feasible only if there was a solid header across the entire jam.  Yeah, no such luck on that one.  All in all, the double supports had to stay in place to prevent the half upstairs from becoming part of the downstairs.  I was able to separate the large double window to use in place of the picture window (center), but had to order two smaller double-hungs to go on either side (still waiting on them).  It still was not a simple installation since I wanted to replace the heavily rotted sill and support posts with new treated lumber.  Once it was all wrapped up, this relatively easy 4 hour job consumed an entire 12 hour day, and I still needed to head back up to install the smaller windows, wrap the exterior with PVC trim boards, and trim out the inside.  Whew!  Still love what I do!

DSC07712Window Replacement - Polaris











Window Replacement - PolarisPolaris Window Installation & Custom Trim

DSCPolaris Window Installation & Custom Trim07779Polaris Window Installation & Custom Trim