I was asked to build a wall partition for Will-Power Fitness (www.will-powerfitness.com) to not only create a separate waiting area/office in the back, but also a sound barrier between the studio and the back rooms.  The suspended ceiling is about ten feet off the ground, but the old plaster ceiling is about four feet beyond that (14′ total).  We attached king studs to the 14′ ceiling joists to help create sturdiness in the wall.  After the first day, we finished all the floor prep and removal of two light fixtures.  We framed up the wall complete with a rough opening for a 36″ six-panel door.  Finally, we installed R-13 fiberglass insulation as the sound barrier.  On day two we installed the 4×10 sheets of drywall, taped the seams, and laid out our joint compound.  Next, we sanded, applied the second coat, and gave it a final sanding.  A new 36″ six panel door, some CUSTOM BUILT baseboard, and some casing around the doorway – the job is ready for the customer to prime and paint.  I LOVE MY JOB!  419-212-3200