WHO LOVES AN OPEN CONCEPT!  We completed a lot of projects with this home outside of Bryan, but the main step which made everything else possible was eliminating a load-bearing wall to create a large, open space out of three smaller rooms.  This process, though, also involved removing an old brick chimney which was no longer in use.  Likewise, that roof had to be patched.  After installing a double LVL beam (22′ long), the real demolition began to happen.  There was debate about keeping the old ceiling drywall, but it turned out that there were three layers present, which equals too much weight.  All of it was removed (along with all the old insulation) only to discover that the old joists were crooked, brittle, and sagging.  As a result, we decided to replace the ceiling joists with all new lumber, install new fiberglass insulation, and have new ceiling drywall installed.  Add in some new LED disc lighting, and this place looks great!  Additionally, we created tons of new storage space by building three closets complete with interior lighting and solid pine sliding doors.  The real highlight of this room, though, is a decorative wall plank (by Woodland) that we installed on three accent walls – it really looks sharp!  The key to installing this wall plank is creating a solid nailing surface below (not just drywall).  We installed 1/4″ lauan with adhesive and screws into studs on all walls to create a solid, uniform nailing surface.  Additionally, each decorative plank is secured with adhesive and brad nails on all edges.  I think the finished look is amazing, and now the homeowner can enjoy this attractive, well-lit, wide open space!  Give me a shout if I can help make your dream home remodel a reality: 419-212-3200.  Shout out to Walter Drywall Finishing, LLC, and Elite Electrical Solutions, LLC, for their contributions in making this project a huge success.