EASE OF ENTRY was the goal with this bathroom remodel.  The old cast iron tub was difficult to step over, not to mention very slick when wet (as old tubs are).  Plus, the old surround was a very busy, overwhelming mosaic tile.  The homeowner wanted ease of entry along with a bright, easy-to-clean surround with built-in shelf storage.  The solution was a Lyons Elite 32″ x 60″ acrylic/fiberglass walk-in shower base with nail-to-stud surround.  This unit fits perfectly into an existing tub alcove and requires no caulk (the surround has hidden seals at the connection points [see picture below] to prevent water penetration). The shelves are inset 2″ into the back wall, which gives maximum room for movement – winning!  Removal of the old cast iron tub is demolition with surgical precision.  The tub must be broken into pieces without disturbing the existing tile floor.  Then, all the existing tile, backer board, and drywall was removed completely to the ceiling.  The old tub was 29″ deep, so I built out the alcove to accommodate the new, deeper unit.  After all rough plumbing was installed, the new base was securely set in a mortar bed for years of sturdiness.  The three-piece surround was fastened securely to the studs using screws as well as heavy duty construction adhesive.  The fixture is a Mediterranean Bronze Moen Tiffin Magnetix handheld, and the door is a matching heavy duty semi-frameless sliding unit by Sterling.  New baseboard was installed on both sides since the opening was enlarged.  After a good caulk seal, this shower is ready for use!  This process can usually be completed in just 2-3 days.  Give me a call if I can update your bathroom.  Estimates are always FREE!  419-212-3200