Siding, Shutters, Porch PostsMajor exterior upgrade!  This home in Edgerton previously had asbestos siding, which is great for durability and somewhat of an insulating value, but the homeowners were tired of painting every five years or so.  The best and most economical solution is to install vinyl siding (Cedar Creek, in this case) right over top of the existing.  I use three inch nails in this application to ensure they will catch the structure behind the two layers of existing siding (asbestos and original wood planks).  With nails going into the old native studding, this siding is HERE TO STAY!!  In addition to new siding, the homeowners took the opportunity to purchase new vinyl shutters for us to re-install.  Likewise, the front porch post was replaced with a solid 6×6 treated post, and wrapped with a high-quality fluted vinyl post wrap.  On the back porch, we were asked to replace four old, twisted 4×4 posts with new high-quality vinyl colonial posts by Fypon!  This place is flipping SWEET now, and won’t have to be painted again!  What’s next??  Maybe some windows are in the near future…  Call for a FREE ESTIMATE on your home’s upgrade!  419-212-3200

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 Posts Fypon Colonial Porch Posts - 5"
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