This is the Northwestern Ohio Driver Training School in Stryker.  We are installing vinyl siding down the entire north wall of the building (that’s 80 feet).  This particular application is rather tedious, considering the fact that the subsurface is cinder block.  Using 1 3/4″ Tapcon screws, we have to install 1×4 boards as nailers (24″ O.C.S. – as seen below) before we can even begin to install the siding.  In addition, we are upping the amount of insulation by attaching 3/4″ foam board between the nailers; it will increase the R-value by 4.   Today, we finished 90% of the vinyl siding; we’ll come back tomorrow for a half day to finish the job!  FUN STUFF!  Call or email if I can help you with any improvements to your commercial building.  419-212-3200