Shower Installation - Hicksville, OhioSHOWER CONVERSION!  Are you tired of stepping over your 16″ tub wall, or simply unable to do so?  I can convert your old tub into a convenient, accessible, full-size 60×32 walk-in shower (with or without built-in seat) in a matter of three to four days.  This old cast-iron tub never had shower capabilities, so I extended the wall to the ceiling to accommodate the additional plumbing and shower surround.  The floor is a slip resistant design, and the curb is only 3 1/2″ in height.  To add more security and accessibility, I installed three stainless grab bars at strategic locations.  The handheld shower head adds even more convenience, and it can be used while in the seated position.  A couple of bypass shower doors will allow for easy entrance while keeping that water inside the alcove.  Can I help make your bathroom more accessible?  All you have to do is call:  419-212-3200