Treated Wood Steps - Sherwood, Ohio

NICE UPGRADE!  The old concrete steps leading up to this front porch were crumbling and had definitely seen better days.  First step was to remove them via electric jackhammer.  It was decided to reuse the old concrete pad (since it was structurally sound and on a footer) and place the new stair system right on top using the nifty post footers seen below.  We rebuilt the surface of the concrete with a nice slope away from the home (for water run-off).  The new treated wood structure features a sturdy handrail system to match the stairs on the other side of the home.  All joists are covered in a sticky butyl deck flashing to prolong the life of the structure.  Steps are a standard 7″ x 11″ riser to tread, with sturdy grooved 2×12 treads for extra traction.  In addition, we raised the height of the finished deck surface to just about one inch below the doorway for an easy, smooth transition into and out of the home.  All in all, this project looks great and will safely serve the homeowner for decades to come!  Give me a shout if I can improve your house – estimates are always FREE! 419-212-3200.