TimberCrest Premium Vinyl Siding Installation - Edgerton, OhioNOTHING BUT THE BEST!!  If you are considering having vinyl siding installed on your house, I always recommend paying a little more for the premium siding.  This particular product is TIMBERCREST PREMIUM VINYL SIDING, which costs about $80 per hundred square feet (versus around $51 for some lesser brands).  Features include a wider variety of deeper color choices, extra thickness to repel hail and other objects, heavy duty nailing strip, larger butt (for extra depth appeal), steel starter (as opposed to vinyl), a 216 MPH wind rating (versus 160 MPH), and a LIFETIME WARRANTY (along with a 25 year fade warranty).  I tell you, this is good stuff!  On this particular job, we replaced the old louvered shutters with new vinyl Bat-N-Batten shutters (Lunar Blue), installed brand new light fixtures free of charge, and completely reworked the garage door trim with new PVC trim boards and vinyl brick mould.  This place looks like a million bucks!  Give me a shout for your free estimate: 419-212-3200.