BEST VINYL SIDING IN THE BUSINESS!  If you are considering having vinyl siding installed on your house, I always recommend paying a little more for the premium siding.  This particular product is #TIMBERCREST PREMIUM VINYL SIDING (D-4″ Regular – Khaki), which costs about $90 per hundred square feet (versus around $50 for some lesser brands).  In all honesty, you really do get what you pay for, and the additional cost for TimberCrest is a solid investment.  Here’s what you get.  Features include a wider variety of deeper color choices, extra thickness to repel hail and other objects, heavy duty nailing strip, larger butt (for extra depth appeal), steel starter (as opposed to vinyl), a 216 MPH wind rating (versus 160 MPH), and a LIFETIME WARRANTY (along with a 25 year fade warranty).  I tell you, this is good stuff!  More info on TimberCrest vinyl siding here: .  On this particular project, we removed a lesser quality vinyl siding due to the fact that it was thin, brittle, and discolored.  The previous builder had not installed a moisture barrier over the OSB sheeting, so we took care of that using #Typar housewrap.  In addition, the windows were not properly flashed, which was allowing water to pour in along the sill behind the siding, causing significant rot.  We corrected that situation as well.  All in all, the look of this building is much improved with a refreshing rich, dark color along a lifetime guarantee!  Hit me up if you’d like more details on vinyl siding for YOUR home: 419-212-3200.