BOLD!  I always install premium TimberCrest vinyl siding for many reasons. Although it is a bit pricier ($115 per square vs. $80 per square – $145 for darker color options), I prefer it because you honestly get what you pay for. Features of TIMBERCREST PREMIUM VINYL SIDING include a wider variety of deeper color choices (this particular color is MANOR), extra thickness (.046″) to repel hail and other objects, heavy duty nailing strip, larger butt (for extra depth appeal), steel starter (as opposed to vinyl), a 216 MPH wind rating (versus 160 MPH), and a LIFETIME WARRANTY (along with a 25 year fade warranty). You really can’t beat the quality of this product. For this particular home, we removed an existing layer of old vinyl siding, installed new fiberglass insulation (R-13), re-sheeted, and wrapped up nice and tight with Typar house wrap.  To really make the windows stand out from the dark siding, the trim was built out and wrapped with a bright white commercial grade coil stock.  Front porch was accented with TimberCrest Perfection shake shingles; color is Charcoal.  As always, if you want to pick up some new exterior light fixtures for the outside of your house, I’ll install them free of charge when you book a siding job with me. This home now looks like a million bucks!  Give me a shout for your FREE ESTIMATE to update the look of YOUR home: 419-212-3200.