PROFOUND TRANSFORMATION!  We started with the removal of all the old, dated aluminum siding followed up by wrapping the home with Typar to help with wind penetration.  The homeowner wished to have a bolder white trim around all windows and doors, so the wood brickmould was replaced with a beefy 3 1/2″ 2×4 followed by white aluminum wrap.  Most of the home was finished off with a regular D-4 vinyl siding.  Although it is a bit pricier ($90 per square vs. $50 per square), I prefer to install premium TimberCrest vinyl siding. Honestly, you get what you pay for. Features of TIMBERCREST PREMIUM VINYL SIDING include a wider variety of deeper color choices (this particular color is EVERGREEN), extra thickness (.046″) to repel hail and other objects, heavy duty nailing strip, larger butt (for extra depth appeal), steel starter (as opposed to vinyl), a 216 MPH wind rating (versus 160 MPH), and a LIFETIME WARRANTY (along with a 25 year fade warranty). You really can’t beat the quality of this product.  To accent a few areas (particularly the peak over the garage, a porch entry, and a few dormers) we installed TimberCrest Perfection Shingles (same color – cedar shake look) to really enhance the architectural appeal of this charming house.  This accent siding is even thicker at .090″ along with a 220 MPH wind rating.  The difference is profound!  Let me know if I can improve the look of your home!  419-212-3200