NO JOB TOO SMALL…(sometimes):  On rare occasions, I have time to squeeze in some smaller jobs when I get a day or two between the big ones.  That was the case here.  The homeowner wanted me to build a new stairway from the garage into the house.  The treated wood materials are factory made, which really saves time in cutting out custom stair stringers!  The treads are even better than standard 2×12 lumber since they have a grooved grip to help prevent slipping.  I widened the new stairs to 48″ (from the old 36″) to give a little more space while opening the door.  The homeowner wanted to maintain the 32″ of space between stringers to allow his pet to snuggle comfortably below, so I added a couple extra just to solidify the entire structure.  I also modified the two stringers on the right by removing 2″ from the underside.  This gave his pet adequate room to slip into his favorite spot.  Happy homeowner and happy pet = happy contractor!  Hit me up for your FREE ESTIMATE: 419-212-3200.