Solid Pine Raised Panel Door Installation - Hicksville, Ohio

This is a problem I’ve been addressing frequently, as of late.  Homeowners have a home full of old, outdated, mismatched doors, but don’t want to throw a lot of money into updating them.  This is my solution.  Rather than paying a high price for prehung doors and removing all the existing trim to replace them, I purchase these solid pine slab doors.  Many of the openings are fairly standard, but I will occasionally have to trim the sides and/or bottom of the doors to fit the existing doorway.  With these slab doors, there are no lockset bores or hinge mortises, so this has to be done custom for each door.  I will replace the hinges and update all locksets.  This is a non-invasive way of updating your home’s interior without breaking the bank.  These solid pine raised panel doors can either be stained or painted, and they can be custom installed to swing either direction.  Let me know if I can help update your home’s interior – ESTIMATES ARE ALWAYS FREE! 419-212-3200