Solid Pine Colonial Baseboard Installation (Doorway Trim/Casing) - Hicksville, OhioI USE NOTHING BUT SOLID WOOD TRIM!  This homeowner wanted me to update some of the existing wood baseboard in her house.  The existing was indeed solid pine, but it was rather small (only 3 1/4″ tall) and quite beat up with nicks and scratches.  I like to use a nice, bold 4 1/4″ solid pine colonial baseboard with a unique curved feature that is not featured in most homes.  In addition to the baseboard, I trimmed out a large 8′ doorway with new casing and jam trim (it was originally drywalled).  It REALLY dresses up the foyer entry area!  I complete all types of trim work in your home; all you have to do is call for details and pricing!  419-212-3200