Solid Pine Colonial Baseboard Trim Installation - Hicksville, OhioA LITTLE FACELIFT – I have a standard linear foot charge for baseboard and/or casing installation.  Rather than standard 3 1/4″, I prefer to install a nice, hefty 4 1/4″ solid pine baseboard to add a bold accent to the painted walls.  Looks quite nice, eh?  This trim comes completely primed; the homeowner simply had to apply some topcoat a week or so before the installation.  The painted trim must then be stored inside to acclimate to the interior conditions (humidity, temperature, etc) up to the day of installation.  All in all, this is a GREAT way to update or freshen up the interior living space of your home.  Give me a shout for details!  This installation is quite affordable.  419-212-3200