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Soffit/Fascia Upgrade – Stryker, Ohio

This is a sweet old 1880s home in downtown Stryker.  The homeowner wished to have his old wood fascia & soffit upgraded to maintenance-free.  This proved to be a little tricky seeing that various layers of crown moulding made it difficult to create a nice, 90 degree fascia.  Our solution was to build out the bottom edge using 2×2 and 2×4 lumber, bringing it flush with the drip edge.  We then were able to cover the old with new, white aluminum soffit & fascia.  Quite a nice, crisp look, and this homeowner will never have to paint his trim again!  419-212-3200

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  1. Jeremy has completed a number of very successful interior and exterior projects for me. He is the ideal contractor for one who is inexperienced in the building trades and strives to get the biggest return on the dollar.

    For example, when asked for suggestions, he presents options so there is no pressure to decide one way or the other. Also, a change of mind midway through the project will not void his quote. He gave me the written financial impact on my original quotes prior to initiating the changes and actually did some minor unanticipated work done… at no charge!

    His work is top notch, as are his workers and subcontractors. He stands behind his work, meets or beats his quotes, and will not take advantage of situations or people. I will be using his services again and suggest you do also.

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