This is a home in rural Montpelier.  The problem was a persistent leak in the top left corner of this skylight.  The entire roof will need to be replaced in the near future, but the homeowners wanted focus on this leak for now.  The existing shingles are a 3-tab version of the newer laminate shingles, a predecessor of sorts.  My solution to the problem was to avoid a simple, temporary solution of roof tar, and tackle the problem head-on.  I removed all shingles (and felt paper) within 24″-36″ around the skylight so that I could really see the problem.   I started with a solid bead of roof tar around the edges of the skylight, and then proceeded to install an ice guard membrane along the bottom, up the sides, and finally across the top (layered underneath the felt paper above).  Finally, I installed new Duration architectural shingles (of a similar color) and utilized the existing aluminum flashing (which was in excellent shape).  I used an extra amount of roof tar around the four corners, which can be prone to minor leaks.  Bottom line: this skylight is TRIPLE-PROTECTED, and all for much less than what it would cost to replace the entire roof.

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