This is a beautiful, 1880’s home in the Stryker area.  If you look closely, you’ll see a little square area of the roof where the chimney is located.  This portion of the roof has no pitch and was cracked and leaking into the upstairs hallway.  I climbed through the attic  on a tiny, homemade wooden ladder (quite a trip).  Believe me, it was not spacious.  The roof itself was only bout 12′ x 12′, so not much room to maneuver.  I was able to apply a good coat of fibered roof tar to solve the leaking issue.

As a result of the leak, there was a large area of plaster in the upstairs hallway that was stained and cracking.  I chipped away any loose areas, installed some new drywall, and applied joint compound.  After repeating the sanding and application process three times, the ceiling was ready for a coat of primer and paint.  I used oil-based primer because it is more effective at hiding water stains.

The customer was extremely pleased with the work!