This homeowner had a leak somewhere in his relatively new asphalt roof.  The problem was faulty & improperly installed ridge vent.  First of all, when contractors cut the opening for a ridge vent, we stay about two feet from the ends of the peak.  This particular vent opening was cut all the way to the ends, inviting rainwater to seep in the edges.  Additionally, ridge vent is supposed to have some type of water barrier underneath, perhaps some fibered insulation or foam.  As seen in the photo below, there was none to be found.  This will allow driving rain to blow up under the edges of the ridge vent and into the opening.  Not good!

I removed the old cap and ridge vent, and then installed new Owens Corning low profile ridge vent (tested with 110 MPH wind-driven rain – no penetration).  It comes complete with foam end caps and looks great!  I cut and installed some cap, and sealed the nail heads.  This homeowner can now rest easy!   419-212-3200