Porch Floor Repair - Farmer, OhioSTANDARD PROCEDURE!  Porch floor repair has become a relatively common request in my business.  In this instance, we had to remove approximately 42″ of rotten floor boards and replace them with new AC2 treated boards.  We reinstalled the nifty little drainage system that the homeowner had created to empty any standing water in the corner.   Many of the floor joists were rotten or completely detached from the perimeter, so we beefed up the structure with additional treated boards and joist hangers.  Likewise, we were asked to finish up the small railing around the edges (matching the front) and repair a couple of rotten post bottoms.  Finally, we applied some pine half-round trim to the rail to really enhance the look!  Homeowners will paint before cold weather sets in.  How can I help your porch?  419-212-3200