BEST ROOF IN THE BUSINESS!  Once again, I’ve got another happy customer who has received the best roof in the business.  Remember, I always use synthetic felt, ice guard on all eaves, and super-sealed triple layered valleys (ice guard, aluminum flashing, and shingle overlap).  In this case, I used ice guard over the entire roof due to the low pitch and shallow valleys.  This will prevent snow pack build up and ice dams from leaking beneath the underlayment.  I removed and filled all old roof vent openings (because they notoriously leak) and cut a nice ridge vent to aid in proper attic ventilation.  Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles carry a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY and a 130 MPH wind rating.  Color shown is ESTATE GRAY.  Call for your free estimate: 419-212-3200.