Owens Corning Roof Replacement - Hamilton, IndianaTHE BEST ROOF IN TOWN!  Yet another Owens Corning Duration roof is in place in Hamilton, Indiana, this one a referral from one of my previous customers.  I love word-of-mouth business!  We had to remove three layers of asphalt shingles to complete this job properly.  The homeowner was experiencing shingles blowing off, even though the roof was not particularly old.  The reason for this was that the previous roofer had only used 1 1/4″ nails to install the third layer!  If you do the math, you know that these short nails will only penetrate the three shingle layers before just barely entering the wood decking (if even at all).  These top shingles were so loose that my guys could just rip them off by hand, nails and all!  This homeowner can rest easy knowing that this new roof is properly installed (ice guard, 30# felt, valley flashing, ridge vent) and will now withstand 130 MPH winds off the lake!  How is your roof looking these days?? 419-212-3200