Owens Corning Roof - Defiance, OhioI would NEVER recommend putting two layers of shingles on a roof, but that was the case with this home in Defiance, Ohio.  Previous homeowners were responsible for having a second layer installed right over the original.  Sure it’s a way to save a few bucks up front, but there are many problems that come with it.  A second layer of shingles on your home will shorten the life span of the new shingles (due to the excessive heat), it will void your factory warranty, and they won’t lay properly (visible bumps and bulges will be present).  I always recommend a clean tear-off and removal before we begin our installation.  Granted, it does cost a bit more to remove existing layers (which can weigh up to 6 tons), but it’s worth the cost to you.  When finished you can rest assured that your quality Owens Corning roof really will last you a lifetime.  Call for a free estimate: 419-212-3200