Owens Corning Duration Roof Replacement - Edgerton, Ohio3-TAB SHINGLES ARE OF THE DEVIL!  I will politely refuse a roof job if a customer requests to have the old style 3-tab shingles installed.  They are thin, prone to leaks and algae, carry a minimal warranty (15-25 years at best), and, frankly, they don’t look as nice as dimensional laminate shingles (like Owens Corning Duration).  This homeowner in Edgerton said his roof was no more than 10 years old, and he was losing shingles left and right.  I came on the job and rebuilt a problematic valley, and then installed quality lifetime warranty Duration shingles (this is the ONLY shingle I will install – period).  My bid still came in $1000 dollars under a competitor’s bid for the same roof, and the other company wasn’t even going to remove the old layer of shingles OR fix the leaky valley area!  I’m telling you, I can do it all with only the best materials and quality workmanship, and still offer lower prices than your guy.  I challenge you to call me and see what I can do to improve YOUR house!  419-212-3200