IMG_8914ANOTHER QUALITY ROOF!  At the request of the homeowner, we installed these Duration shingles over top of an existing layer.  This saves a lot of mess and disposal cost, as well as ruts in the yard.  Since the existing roof was only about 20 years old and still lying quite flat, this application was perfectly acceptable.  Be aware, however, that installing shingles over an existing layer will, in fact, void your manufacturer’s warranty.  These Duration shingles are of such high quality, though, that they will still last at least 90% of the expected lifetime (30-40 years) and the homeowner will have no problems whatsoever.  In addition, we removed three old roof vents (since they notoriously leak) and installed a nice low-profile ridge vent.  Give me a call for your FREE roofing estimate!  419-212-3200