I charge a flat rate to service overhead doors.  The following is included with this service:

*Check all brackets for bending/wear

*Check for free movement of door

*Lubricate rollers w. silicone

*Lubricate opener chain

*Adjust & lubricate extension/torsion spring(s) if necessary

*Visually inspect opener(s) for any sign of wear or damage.

In essence, if you cannot manually raise or lower your garage door effortlessly with two fingers, there is a problem.  Likewise, if you manually raise your door to a mid-level and release, it should not move any more than 1-2 inches on its own, up or down.  If it does, your spring tension needs adjusting, and is placing undue stress on your opener each time you use it.

I work frequently on overhead doors and openers, anything from routine maintenance to total replacement.  If you suspect an issue, take care of it now before it becomes a bigger expense.  Call me!  419-212-3200