SOMETIMES IT’S NECESSARY TO REPLACE YOUR OLD METAL-FRAMED BASEMENT WINDOWS.  After many years, they look weathered, cease to function, and allow cold air into the basement due to dried out weather seals and non-insulated single pane glass.  The replacement process, however, can be tricky since the old basement window frames are usually sealed right into the brick/concrete/block foundation wall.  In this case, the removal was achieved by using an angle grinder in a couple key locations around the frame.  Once the frame was split, it could be carefully pulled out of place to reveal the true rough opening.  Next step was to build a new window jam using treated lumber (in this case, 2×8 ripped down to 5″).  This was fastened in place using Tapcon screws into the brick foundation and deck screws into the wood sill above the opening.  The wood frame was insulated and sealed with 100% silicone caulk.  The exterior stop trim is a maintenance-free white trim board (PVC) cut to create a perfect resting point for the new pocket window (about 1/4″ overlap on three sides).  Before installing the new window, though, a nice bead of silicone caulk was applied along the front bottom edge to seal against water and air penetration.  Once fastened in place, silicone caulk was applied around the exterior perimeter to complete the weather-tight seal.  On the inside, the 1/4″ gap was insulated with fiberglass.  The jam trim and casing was custom cut from left over treated lumber to match the new frame.  It really creates a nice finished look!

These NORTHVIEW basement windows are quite versatile, and can be installed as a hopper window (hinged bottom), awning window (hinged top), or casement window (hinged on either side).  In this case (and in most cases), the homeowner wished to have them hinge top so that the handles are more accessible on the bottom.  Northview windows carry a limited lifetime warranty and feature 3/4″ insulated double pane glass, full screen, concealed adjustable hinges, two locking handles, and a unique double-contact weather strip for a weather-tight secure window.  More info can be found here: .

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