MASTERCRAFT doors carry an industry-leading lifetime warranty! They are Energy Star Rated featuring a high-density polyurethane foam core, and aluminum adjustable no-rot sill. These are GREAT DOORS offered at a great price from In this particular job, I installed a stock six panel door leading from a living room to a garage.  The original builders of this 1970s home installed a simple hollow core interior door, which has virtually no insulation to fight the cold garage air.  The homeowner asked me to install the door opening out into the garage, which is perfectly acceptable once I removed the brick mould trim.  I reused the existing lockset and deadbolt, and then installed a pet door (slight increase in labor).  All in all, she loved the new look and already felt the additional warmth that this door offered!  This job can be completed in a partial day, so give me a shout if I can upgrade your doors! 419-212-3200