MAKE THIS SHOWER GREAT AGAIN!  I complete shower/tub installations all the time, and usually I can be in and out in just 2-3 days.  In this instance, the old cottage shower was, in essence, a temporary unit that was not even fastened to the floor or walls.  The plumbing ran up through the floor and was hanging loose within the confines of the bathroom.  We removed the old shower, ran new supply lines up through the wall, and secured them properly.  The new corner shower unit (38″ by #MAAX ) costs under $400 and includes the base, three glue-on walls with shelves, and a nifty glass enclosure that can be set up to operate either left or right hinge.  Add in a lifetime #MOEN faucet (Adler with nickel finish) for around $120 and this shower is operational!  Give me a shout if your bathroom needs an update: 419-212-3200.