The laundry room is usually one of the last places you want to work on.  Nobody ever sees it, let alone hangs out in there, and it just ends up being a catch-all for miscellaneous stuff from muddy work boots to cat litter to pumpkin seeds drying for spring planting.  Well, it was time for this homeowner!

I started with painting the trim: two coats primer and two coats semi-gloss white.  Going over water-stained oak was no easy task.  I used Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 Primer (latex in most applications/oil-based for stubborn water stains).  Highly recommended! It is simply the best in the biz for adhering to glossy or dirty surfaces – no need for sanding.

Next was the wall paint to brighten up a relatively small room.  It required only one coat due to the fact that the existing surface was a light color with a flat finish.  Good to go.

Finally, the flooring is a high grade, glueless linoleum, perfect for a room where you want durability combined with ease of installation.  Lay it down and cut around your edges – easy as pie.  I believe this particular style was called River Rock – nice look! Top it off with some quarter round to cover the rough edges and it’s done.

Install the shelves, bring back all the junk (in a more organized manner, of course), throw in a new washer & dryer set, and you’re good to go!

This job was completed in about a day and a half.