This is a nice home in Michigan. The main objective was to create more open space in the kitchen to make the room appear larger.  I started by removing some old upper cabinets as well as the soffit (drywall box), which served no other purpose than to contain some wiring for an outlet and light fixture.  As a result, there was some drywall to install behind the box to bring the surface flush with the existing walls.  After applying joint compound and tape to the seams, I applied a thin coat to all other walls to smooth out years of damage and cracking plaster.  Next step?  Sanding…sanding…and more sanding…  Last step in the process was to hang some 1×12 shelves (nice looking!) after I applied primer/topcoat to the area behind.  The homeowner will finish the paint and hang the newly placed light fixture over the sink.  Quite the improvement, and the room is opened up quite nicely!

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