Kitchen Remodel - Hicksville, OhioLITTLE BIT OF AN UPDATE…  This kitchen is part of an old Victorian farmhouse, which makes remodeling a bit of a challenge.  Why so difficult?  Homes of this era had many entrances to each room.  In this kitchen there were six doorways to contend with, which made adding additional cabinets & counter space extremely difficult.  My solution was to eliminate one of the redundant doorways, build a wall, and extend the cabinetry an additional 36″.  The new counter top is a high quality hi-resolution laminate, which is very attractive and super durable!  The stainless sink is a heavy duty double bowl (offset) with a 9″ depth to easily clean those big pots and pans.  I topped it off with a nice stainless Delta single-handle faucet assembly and matching soap dispenser.  A nice stainless/stone hybrid mosaic backsplash was installed to accent the stainless appliances.  Finally, I installed a new stainless GFI in the new extended counter area, and swapped out all the old outlets in the same manner.  Nice!  Give me a shout if I can help with your kitchen remodel needs – 419-212-3200.