Home Repairs (siding, fascia, soffit, roof) - Butler, IndianaGREAT LOOKING HOME WITH MANY RECENT UPGRADES!  The only problem is that the previous contractor failed to properly install many of these upgrades.  The vinyl siding was attached with staples in many areas rather than solid 2″ galvanized nails.  He failed to hit the studding in most areas, which left the siding hanging and bulging where it worked loose.  Likewise, he did not use proper finish trim pieces (undersill) up along the eaves.  That last row of siding was not properly attached (just caulked in some places), leaving those pieces to flop in the wind and eventually fall off.  The aluminum fascia pieces were also affected, as they were not nailed securely.  Many pieces had blown off in the high winds around the house.  Finally, a large patch of shingles had blown off due to lack of nailing (4 nails versus 6).  All in all, we were able to solve these problems in a matter of three days, and this place looks like a million bucks once again!  Call if I can set up an appointment to hit up some home repairs on your house: 419-212-3200.