Genie Garage Door Opener Installation - Hicksville, Ohio HE GOT HIS WISH!  If your old garage door opener is going to fail, it’s most likely going to happen in the colder months of fall and winter.  This is partially because your garage door may bind a bit more as the colder temperatures hit, which means the opener may have to work a little harder to raise & lower the door.  To handle this, be sure to lubricate the rollers, track, and spring(s) with some WD-40 once or twice per year.  Likewise, the cold will take a toll on already-old moving parts in your opener (i.e. gears, motor, sprockets, etc).  When it’s live its life, it may quit suddenly.  This particular Genie opener carries a 7 year warranty, but will last many years beyond that!  I have a flat rate for garage door opener installation, and it usually only takes half a day.  Give me a shout for details!  419-212-3200