This is one of many patio paver options that Menards has to offer.  This style is called a flagstone paver (I think the random design is pretty sweet!), and it comes in quarry gray and siennea brown ($1.24 at Defiance Menards).  If you can’t tell, this is the gray that I installed.  What’s the process??

After laying down a good subsurface of 3/4″ gravel (about 5″ or 6″ thick), compact with a tamper.  Next, you need a good layer of bedding sand (a couple of inches) for the pavers to seat into.  Make it level, because this is what will determine how level your pavers will lay.  When you’re ready, placing these flagstone pavers out is easy with their preset spacers on all sides – the gaps are uniform every time!  When you reach the edges, you may have to cut a few to create an even end.  I cut the two ends, but left the sides with the staggered pattern because I thought it would fill in nicely with mulch.  Last step, broom a nice layer of dry sand over the surface to fill all the voids, and you’re good to go!  You may have to repeat this process over the next few days as the sand settles and compacts.  I think this result is GREAT, and it cost me about 50 bucks!