BUMP-OUT CONSTRUCTION – The fireplace in this home had already been rendered useless when the roofers took the chimney down below the roofline to help waterproof the area.  My goal was to completely remove the rest of the chimney, as well as the fireplace inside, and construct a wall with a couple windows to let in more natural light.  To go one step further, the homeowner hoped that we could build a little bump-out on the existing footer of the old chimney.  A floor system was built, walls raised, and a small roof constructed from underneath the existing eave.  The space created was approximately seven feet high by seven feet wide by two feet deep with two average sized double hung  windows.  The bump-out was well insulated, drywalled, and trimmed out with solid pine.  In addition to the bump-out, we removed some of the surrounding paneling and drywalled the nearby walls to create a cleaner, brighter look.  The exterior received some T1-11 grooved wood siding and wood trim, which will make it easier when the homeowner decides to have vinyl siding installed in the near future.  Give me a shout if I can help increase some living space for you!  419-212-3200