This 54″ fiberglass tub was, at one point, modified to allow a person easy access (picture below).  Our goal was to remove this tub and replace it with a new white fiberglass tub, along with a heavy-duty five-piece tub surround to match.  The old tub, being a solid one-piece, was cut into sections for easy removal.  It’s pretty much the only way to get it done (and out the door)!  We then had to modify the depth of the opening a bit to accommodate the fact that the new tub was 2″ less than the old.  This was accomplished with a strip of 1/2″ drywall followed by a 2×4 board.  After replenishing the insulation, we attached the tub and installed the new plumbing.  Finally, we affixed new drywall to the enclosure and hung the new tub surround.  A little bit of quickset drywall mud and some sanding, and this job will be finished.  This is ALMOST becoming routine!