This is a great-looking home in The ‘Ville!  The homeowners wished to have the old aluminum soffit & fascia (which was previously painted a pinkish, salmon color) replaced in an effort to become maintenance-free.  Are you seeing a pattern here??  Maintenance-free is the WAY TO GO!

This special-order color is Almond (arrives in 2-3 weeks).  It is basically a light tan color; you can see the difference in the photos below.  In addition to the soffit/fascia, we also aluminum wrapped a couple of entry door jams and the garage door trim (in the same color).  To cap off the job, we finished a porch ceiling by installing white aluminum soffit & trim (below).  All in all, these folks can throw away the paint brushes now that we’re done, baby!  Have I mentioned that MAINTENANCE-FREE IS THE WAY TO GO?