The old concrete stairway was terribly uneven and had no handrails – an accident waiting to happen.

The new stairway/landing was built from AC2 treated lumber and constructed right over the old. Lag screws (5/16 x 4 1/2) hold the 4×4 construction frame together for superior support and durability, and the posts are set up on plastic supports to resist water absorption and rotting. The decking consists of 1 1/4″ thick deck boards for little bounce, and was secured with high quality, triple-coated deck screws. The handrails are made of 2×4 boards for an extra secure grip. To complete the job, I gave it a final sanding to remove sharp edges and burrs. Now the resident can enter the house without fear of snowy, icy steps in the winter, plus the larger sized landing (3’x5′) makes for easier transition inside with armloads of groceries, babies, or both!

Total material cost for the project stood at about $125 dollars, which reflected a wicked,crazy good sale at Menards. Total project time was about 5 hours.