Would you care to save some serious money? If you hurry, this is a GREAT POSSIBILITY. I don’t know if you keep track of shingle cost or not (I do……What, that’s not normal?), but shingle prices have risen exponentially in the last six months due to a variety of market influences (natural disasters, crude oil prices, etc).

For example, back in early March 2011, you could purchase DURATION shingles (by Owens Corning) for $77.95 per 100 sq/ft. Might seem a little high to the average consumer, but these shingles are GOOOOOD! They carry a limited lifetime warranty, can withstand category 2 hurricane winds (130 MPH), and are considered by many to be the best asphalt shingle on the market (I agree). Well, the regular price of that exact shingle is over $100.00 per 100 sq/ft!  On an average roof (20 sq), that is an increase of nearly $500 in a few months! What to do…

There is hope for cash-strapped homeowners with leaky roofs! There is a shingle sale going on at Mendards that is quite phenomenal – I had to share. These top-of-the-line Duration shingles are on sale for a mere $80.91 per 100 sq/ft! That’s actually CHEAPER (per square) than the Oakridge shingle, which is the next level DOWN in the Owens Corning line. This huge sale ends on Sunday, April 15, and then they’re back up to regular price for the foreseeable future.

Call me for a FREE estimate, and I can lock in this price for you.  Whether you have me install them or not, please take advantage of this huge sale @ Menards and GET ‘EM WHILE THEY’RE HOT!

*Prices quoted April 8, 2012 @ Defiance, OH