What’s with this crazy spring weather?! It seems like we’ve relapsed from March right back into February.  Does this mean that Christmas 2010 is right around the corner?? At any rate, spring weather IS just around the corner (I think…), and it’s time to replenish the mulch around your home. I’m just like everyone else, in that I enjoy working in the yard while the sun is shining and I’m enjoying temps in the 70’s. Why so early, then, when temps are in the 40’s and a chilly rain is soaking the ground? Spread it now while your plants are just beginning to sprout. It’s easier to spread, you get a more even look, and you have the satisfaction and enjoyment of watching your landscaping bloom into full glory before your eyes. Where do you get your mulch?

If you’re local to the Hicksville area, I highly recommend Ewing Landscape & Design (http://www.ewinglandscapeanddesign.com/). They sell three colors of mulch (red, brown, black) in bulk, which spares the cost of individual bagging. For just $15 (plus tax), you get a full scoop, which adds up to about a half a cubic yard (13.5 cubic feet). Do the math! Typically a bag of mulch (2 cubic feet) will cost you $3; you would pay about $21 for an equivalent amount and still have to mess with opening and disposing of all those bags!

I will do the dirty work for you! For $85, I will purchase one load of mulch, deliver it to your house (within 5 miles of Hicksville), and spread it on your flower beds. The cost for any subsequent loads will go down to $75 for the same service. This is an all-inclusive price: the mulch, delivery to your home, and spreading. Do it now and beat the rush, early birds! 419-212-3200