Did you know that cooking is a major contributor to indoor air pollutants?  That’s why having a properly functioning exhaust fan in your kitchen is extremely important.  This old home was built long before these exhaust fans were standard, plus there was no existing cabinetry over the range in which to install a standard exhaust system.  I was forced to improvise and customize.  There was an unused chimney along one wall of the kitchen in the perfect location to install this system.  I built a widened structure centered over the range location and wired up a variable speed exhaust fan with LED lighting.  This unit can actually sense the amount of heat while you cook and adjust accordingly.  I was able to create an opening in the chimney structure and use 8″ flexible aluminum duct to vent properly outside the home.  The wood frame was  covered over with a 1/2″ plywood to provide a nailing surface for the custom rough-sawn pine planks.  I stained the plywood subsurface dark because I wanted to install the planks with a 1/8″ gap for a particular look – this dark stain ensured that the plywood would not be visible when the planks were installed.  The 1×6 pine boards were run through a table saw at a minimal depth to shave off about 1/16″ and leave the beautiful rustic saw marks.  This also helped the pine boards to accept the red mahogany stain and give it a dark finish with lots of depth and visible woodgrain.  Finally the boards were installed from the center to the outside edges, and an edge trim applied.  Now this family can enjoy some stellar indoor air quality while they enjoy cooking!  Hit me up if I can help with your customized project.  Estimates are always FREE: 419-212-3200.