This is a project I’ve been working on in my own home.  We have limited floor/wall space in our kitchen, so I had to design and build this island in between cabinets, doorways, the fridge, and a high traffic walking area.  All the while, I tried to make it big enough to feed four people (five if one stands at the front).  The inside has enough storage space for six large crock pots, if necessary.

As of now, it has received a coat of primer.  Next step is to install an electrical outlet on the back, then it will receive two coats of semi-gloss white.  The top is eventually going to be a two-inch solid oak “chopping block” (what you see is a temporary pine top until I find what I want).  In addition, I will install 2″ crown moulding up underneath the oak top to add a tapered, dimensional effect.

Have I mentioned that I love to build?