POCKET WINDOW INSTALLATION definitely saves time and money since the existing window frame does not have to be removed.  It’s less invasive, meaning the siding and/or drywall will not be affected, and usually the trim does not have to be addressed.  However, when doing this type of replacement, you rely heavily on the assumption that the old window frame is watertight and properly installed.  After an inspection confirms this to be true, most clients opt for the pocket window option.  In this particular job, the wood window frame was almost completely rotten, requiring much of it to be replaced and/or built out with new lumber.  The new Crestline vinyl windows are without a nailing flange, meaning they slide right into the existing opening where the old casement window sashes were positioned.  After all four windows are in place, the new exterior trim is wrapped in a commercial grade aluminum coil stock (khaki color), and sealed with a matching caulk.  The interior 1/4″ gap is insulated and covered up with a small matching quarter round (in this case primed white).  With new argon insulated windows in place, these folks will no longer have to rely on shrink wrap plastic to keep out the cold draft.  Give me a call if I can discuss window upgrade options with you.  Estimates are always FREE: 419-212-3200.

CRESTLINE 250 SERIES vinyl windows are Energy Star Rated and feature a limited lifetime and accidental glass breakage warranty.  Glass is 3/4″ double pane, argon gas insulated, and has a low-e glazing.  All vinyl construction is solid (not painted) and maintenance-free.  These are double hung, which means both top and bottom sashes slide up and down, as well as tilt in for easy cleaning.  Full screen is included with the price.  THESE WINDOWS ARE PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA.  More information here: https://crestlinewindows.com