CONCRETE? YEAH, WE DO THAT!  This homeowner had approximately 150′ of sidewalk on her property that she wished to have addressed.  Seventy-five feet angled out from the porch and cut the corner toward the street.  This was redundant (and probably a pain to mow around), so we eliminated this section (by hand as to spare damage to the yard), threw in some topsoil, compacted, and planted grass seed.  The other seventy-five feet of sidewalk ran from the road parallel to the house and curved around to the back door & garage area.  It was quite brittle, low, and only 30″ in width.  We removed this section (by hand), raised the level with pea gravel fill, and widened the sidewalk to a spacious 36″.  We were still able to maintain that beautiful curved radius that flows around to the back door – nice!  All sidewalk sections are sloped slightly away from the home to keep water runoff away from the foundation.  Give me a shout if I can update your sidewalk: 419-212-3200.