Citadel Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation - Bryan, OhioFLOATING FLOORS ARE THE WAY TO GO!  They are easy to install and require no messy glue.  This particular product installs directly over a concrete flooring with no underlayment or moisture barrier required (pad is attached to each plank, and they are 100% waterproof vinyl).  This particular floor is called Dublin Pine (by Shaw) and carries a 25 year warranty.  It sells for around $2 per square foot, but is sometimes on sale for around $1.40 per square foot.  Combine that with my standard labor charge (I will even install the existing baseboard to save a few bucks, if you wish), and you’re talking about a great living room/hallway floor for well under $1500 installed (360 sq/ft)!  Give me a call for details on YOUR favorite flooring!  419-212-3200