Dutch Boy Dimensions Paint (self-priming)

Bottom line: you simply cannot believe the claims that a company makes about its product, right? When was the last time your Big Mac actually looked like the one in the picture? Yeah…. Well, I may have found the one exception: Dutch Boy Dimensions Self-Priming Paint. Seriously, this stuff is THE BOMB!

I was recently commissioned with painting my daughter’s bedroom in an aqua-green (she loves the ocean). The only problem was that I had to go over a light beige color. If you’ve painted any walls before, you know that it is quite difficult to get good coverage in this situation. The walls have to be double-coated to really cover the existing paint, and that means twice the time and twice the work. With two gallons of the cheap paint ($10 each) in my hand and a despairing frown on my face, I noticed the Dutch Boy ($22) on sale @ Menards. Intrigued by their claim on the front of the can (“SUPERIOR ONE-COAT COVERAGE”), I couldn’t resist.

I was blown away! One coat later, her room is done. It looks sharp, covered easily with one coat, and I’ve got one happy girl!

Lesson learned? Don’t buy cheap paint – you only cheat yourself.